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Matt's Veal Schnitzel

Matt is a schnitzel fanatic and this is his (repeatedly) tried and tested winning recipe.

Feeds 12-15 or makes 3 schnitzel dinners for 4
Prep and cooking time 45 mins


    Prepare your meat:

    1. Take veal from packet, rinse in cold water and pat dry with paper towel.
    2. Take a very sharp small knife remove the white fat on the top of the rump
    3. Cut the whole rump into 3 pieces by following the seams of the muscle.  i.e Top 'cap' muscle and 2 muscles that sit side by side under the cap
    4. Take a longer knife and cut these pieces into slices around 5mm thick.
    5. If you are using veal tenderloin just remove the very thin silver skin from the outside and cut into 1cm slices
    6. In turn, place each slice between two pieces of greaseproof paper on a cutting board and use a rolling pin or flat meat mallet to beat it on each side a couple of times - it's important to try and achieve a uniform thickness across each slice of veal.
    7. Pile up your veal on a plate and place to the side.

    Preparing the Schnitty

    Setting up from left to right you need:

    • Your plate of prepped meat
    • The plain flour on a large plate
    • 3 eggs beaten in a bowl large enough to dip the sliced veal in (a baking tray also works well for this purpose)
    • The breadcrumbs / panko crumbs in a baking tray
    • A clean plate
    1. Take your first piece of veal, pat it in the flour so there is no red showing (this helps the egg stick)
    2. Dip that into the egg mixture and hold up over bowl to drain excess egg
    3. Then push it around in the breadcrumbs, apply a bit of pressure with fingers and heel of your hand to ensure the crumbs stick
    4. Pile up the fresh schnitzel on the clean plate 

    To cook:

    1. Heat a shallow pan of vegetable oil (not olive oil as it doesn’t get hot enough) on max heat. Fry each schnitzel for 2 minutes on either side.
    2. Place each schnitzel on a pre-prepped plate covered with paper towel to absorb any extra oil when you remove from the pan at set into a warm oven
    3. A squeeze of lemon and enjoy.

    Note: you can also freeze your prepared schnitzel; simply place 2-4 schnitzels in a sandwich bag, keeping them as flat as possible.