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Phendler’s Phantastic Philly Cheesesteak!

Philly Cheesesteaks are iconic and the perfect lunchtime sandwich to calm a hungry stomach. Phendler, a long time customer, has sent us his recipe perfected over years of practice!

Feeds as many as you like
Prep & cooking time 1 hour


  • Meat – basically any red meat which makes this is a great recipe to cook with off cuts from our Whole Sirloin, Scotch Fillet or Rump. Allow 150-200g per roll.
  • Cheese – use a 50/50 mix of sliced provolone and American white or yellow cheese (sliced tasty cheese can serve as a double for American cheese). 2 slices of each cheese per roll.
  • Bread – Italian style subway roll or large panini (you need something that holds together well and isn’t too soft but don't use French baguettes as they are too small). Slice them down the middle, but not all the way through. 1 per person - at least!
  • Capsicum, or as they say in the States Red and Green Pepper, and brown onions. You can substitute or add mushrooms instead of capsicum if you prefer. 1 capsicum per 4 rolls.


    1. Cut the meat into manageable portion sizes. Set on a tray and put in the freezer for 40-45 mins to partially freeze the meat. This allows you to thinly slice the meat when it’s partially frozen.
    2. While the meat is in the freezer, cut up your capsicum and onion and saute with olive oil and salt & pepper to taste, until golden brown and soft, then remove from the heat and set aside.
    3. Turn on BBQ with heat under the flat plate (can't do this on the grill) or pre-heat a large, heavy frying pan.
    4. After 40-45 minutes remove meat from the freezer and slice as thinly as you can, don’t worry if the slices are not the same size or uneven, but make sure your knife is well sharpened!
    5. You’re ready to cook now, make sure the flat plate is well oiled and put two serves of meat onto the hot plate (enough for two rolls). Important, you’ll need two metal spatulas for this next step, it’s where the magic happens.
    6. Once you’ve placed the meat on the heat use one spatula to hold the meat and the other to pull / push the slices apart. Work your way through the whole pile of meat pushing and pulling it apart with the two spatulas until the meat is mostly browned. At this point separate the meat into two oblong piles of meat roughly the same shape and length as the rolls you are using.
    7. Next take a helping of the capsicum and onion (or mushroom and onions) and place on top of each pile of meat to your desired quantity.
    8. Place four slices of cheese on top of the meat and veg alternating between the provolone and American cheese slices.
    9. Once the cheese is melted and the meat is nicely browned/crisped you’re almost ready to serve. Take the open roll and place it face down on top of the pile of melted cheese, veg and meat. Press down and then slide a spatula under the meat lift and flip the cheesesteak upright in your hand and you’re ready to go!
    10. To serve - and make it easier to eat - many people wrap the cheesesteak in two layers. An inside layer of parchment paper to keep the cheesesteak together and an outside layer of tinfoil to lock in the heat. Cut in half and you’re ready to serve and enjoy!

    Suggested toppings: Ketchup is most common, but some like to put in hot sauce and / or mayo. You could do all three if you want!