JUNE MEAT ORDERS OPEN NOW - Delivered Thurs 27th June


How often do you deliver?

We typically deliver monthly on a Thursday, with additional delivery days planned around events and holidays if required . The delivery dates for upcoming weeks can be found on the Delivery Details page.

Bespoke deliveries may be arranged outside our advertised days by emailing orders@myprovidore.com.au with your request. Delivery fees may apply

When do orders close?

Orders close on Tuesday mornings, two days before delivery on Thursday to ensure the quality, quantities and prices of the products we supply. The closing date for the upcoming delivery can be found at the top of our Homepage.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order

Is there a delivery fee?

Delivery is free for orders over $400. There is a $10 delivery fee for orders between $80-$399 and a $20 delivery fee for orders under $80

What if i need to cancel or change my order?

Orders can generally be cancelled or amended prior to the cut off time on Tuesdays each week.

If you want to add to an existing order please email orders@myprovidore.com.au directly with your request to avoid any additional delivery fees that may be applied if you order again online. We can generally add standard products most of the time, however some specials have a longer lead time with suppliers so this may not always be possible.

Changes to delivery details that can be made at any time up to midday the day prior to delivery. Please contact us via email at orders@myprovidore.com.au or 0416 093716 and we will action your delivery request.

How do I add items to an existing order without triggering a min order fee. 

Please email us directly with your additional order and we will (a) confirm if we can get the requested  addition (b) process the order and add to your existing order then email you a tax invoices 

Can I Pick up

myProvidore does not have a physical shop front, which is how we maintain the high quality of our produce and competitive pricing. This means pick up is not possible.  On delivery day we start at 3am and pick up all the goods for delivery that day in our refrigerated vehicles - then we come straight to your door.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most inner-city Sydney suburbs within a 15km radius from the CBD. This includes:

  • East to Little Bay, Bondi and Watson's Bay
  • Northern Beaches from Kirribilli to Narrabeen & French's Forest
  • North Shore line to Pymble
  • North West to Macquarie Park & Ryde
  • West to Homebush & Strathfield
  • South to Little Bay and Matraville

Simply click on the little truck icon at the bottom right of each page to check we deliver to your area.

Delivery further afield may also be possible with prior arrangement by emailing orders@myprovidore.com.au

How is the meat packaged?

Our whole cuts of meat and steaks are cryovaced (vacuum packed) to ensure the freshness, quality and food safety of our meat.

Some of our seafood, sausages and burgers employ other appropriate packaging.

Your order will be packed in paper bags or re-purposed cardboard cartons with ice packs for delivery, depending on the size of your order.

How long will the meat last after delivery?

You should always check and be guided by the Best Before date on the product packaging but here is a general guide to shelf life for meat stored in normal refrigerated conditions*:

  • Whole cuts of meat will last up to 30 days in the unopened cryovac vacuum bag
  • Butchered and portioned cuts of meat such as steaks will last 7-10 days in their sealed bag and those that contain bone such as chops, cutlets, T-bones will only be good for 5-7 days days due the natural bacteria in the bone
  • Sausages, burger patties, mince, diced beef and sausages should also be consumed within 5 days of delivery
  • Pies should be consumed within 5 days of delivery
  • Cooked Duck/Lamb/Pork products will have a used by date on their packaging that should be noted

*Normal refrigerated conditions means a stable temperature between 0-4 degrees. A kitchen fridge that is opened and closed a lot by the family will often operate at temperatures higher than 4 degrees, which will considerably affect shelf life. 

Can meat be frozen?

Meat will always be more tender and juicy if it has not been frozen but for convenience all our meat can also be frozen for up to 6 months in the vacuum-sealed bag. We recommend defrosting slowly in the fridge over a couple of days and never out on the bench or in the sink. 

Something else?

If there are any other details you'd like to understand, please give Jamie a call on 0416 093 716 or email him at james@myprovidore.com.au