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Wagyu T-Bone MBS5+ 1kg
Wagyu T-Bone MBS5+ 1kg

Wagyu T-Bone MBS5+ 1kg

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T-Bones are one of our faves as you get the best of both worlds, in the eye fillet and sirloin steak that are joined to the bone. They are cut at about 2 inched thick. We have limited supply so get on board quickly.

The award-winning Tajima brand has been described by food judges as "extremely tender, yet still firm to the palate. Juicy, silky, enduring flavour, THE WORKS".

Feeds 2-3

1 x 800g Wagyu T-Bone MBS+

$85 each 

Marbling melts during the cooking process and permeates the meat resulting in a silky texture and intense rich flavour.

Wagyu cattle have been bred to attain extremely high levels of marbling fat. The Marble Score scale runs between 3-12 for Wagyu beef. We like to source with meat in the 5-8+ range for the best balance of flavour and tenderness.