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Ortiz Bonito- 1 x 112g Tin

Ortiz Bonito- 1 x 112g Tin

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Conservas Ortiz revives the traditional method of preserving pilchards.

The exquisite flavour of the finest White Bonito tuna is enhanced by olive oil, which gives it a silky texture. As in the case of good wine, cheese or ham, it is possible to create a “cellar” of Bonito del Norte preserves whose quality and flavour will improve with age.

Some products combine very well with Ortiz White Tuna – these include fresh spring onions, “piquillo” peppers, cucumber, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil and the delicious Cantabrian anchovies.

This versatile product makes it quick and easy to prepare successful dishes and goes well with a wide range of foods.

1 x 112g Tin