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Lamb Barnsley Chop aka Saddle Chop or Double Lamb Chop or Loin Chops Home Delivery Sydney

Lamb Barnsley Chops free range- 5 x 300g

Great Southern
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These are a lamb chop-lovers dream, also known as Saddle Chops. The 'double' lamb chops are taken from right across the loin (or saddle) of the lamb and left in one piece rather than split down the middle. These are not usually found at the butcher. The extra bone contact highlights the sweet flavour of the best cuts of lamb. 

There are no growth promotants or antibiotics.

Described by our customers as "the best lamb chop I've ever had in my life!".

Feeds 5-7

5 x 300g chops

Total 1.5kg at $33/kg