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Beef Short Ribs Home Delivery Sydney
Beef short ribs, morcilla blood sausage and chorizo on the Asado grill meat home delivery Sydney

Asado Short Beef Ribs - 3 strips

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Asado ribs take their name from the famous Argentinian BBQ, cooked on a grill or parilla. Beef short ribs are cut into 4cm thick ribbons - bone and all. This helps the heat penetrate the sweet meat around the bone when they are cooked for about 1 hour over gentle charcoal. Pair with our traditional chimichurri sauce for the full Argentinian experience. 

The racks are conveniently packaged in two packs of 3 racks so you can cook and freeze as required. The ribs are perfect for BBQing, a curry or slow cooking. 

Feeds 3-4

1 pack x 3 rib racks

Total 1.3-1.6 kg at $35/kg