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Whole Beef Sirloin AKA Striploin Home Delivery Sydney

Beef Sirloin Whole free range 4kg+

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The Sirloin is highly regarded by meat-lovers as one of the best all-round cuts. Also know as the Striploin when whole, or New York Cut when butchered into thick steaks. The muscle sits on top of the backbone of cattle and is a great balance of flavour and tenderness. The sirloin is leaner than scotch fillet but is firmer than the eye fillet and very easy to butcher into the perfect Sirloin Steak 

We have cut the whole Redgum grass-fed pieces down into a more manageable  size for the family. This is hands down the best value meat on our list right now

Feeds up to 15

Whole piece weight approx 4.5kg at $33/kg

Family roast (recipe here)